Vransko District Heating

With 842 m² of roof mounted solar collectors a good share of the heating demand of the municipality Vransko in Slovenia can be covered.

Vransko District Heating

Technical Specifi­cations & Special Features

  • Collector area
    842 m²
  • Storage Capacity
    93 m³
  • CO2-savings
    150 t/a
  • Commissioning

Solar District heating in Slovenia

Energetika Vransko, the local utility, wanted to increase their green energy supply to the district heating system. The signs were good – especially lucrative funding instruments removed all doubts in the investment of this first of its kind solar district heating system.

SOLID´s high temperature flat plate collectores were mounted on the roof of the production halls next to the district heating utility.

The heat from the collector field is transported in partly underground pipes to the technical hub of the heat plant of the district heating network. In the transmission station the solar loop and heating loop are linked through a heat exchanger.

The stable, long-term calculable heat price and the ecologically sustainable technical solution are very benefitial for Energetika Vransko.

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