Solar Process Heat

More potential than one might imagine
Many industrial processes run on temperature levels below 100° C. Solar process heating and cooling can substantially offset the production’s energy usage. The food and beverage, chemical, textile, and many other industries use different hot water and cooling processes which matches to our solution and a high potential of energy savings. With our solution you can produce hot and cold water. You can decide via the monitoring system when and where you would like to use it.

Huge potential for saving of fuels and of CO2

The usage of solar heat for industrial processes is recently at a very early stage of development and has a huge commercial and technological potential. At the moment, 28 percent of the whole energy demand in the EU is for industrial processes and a third of these processes requires temperatures below 100° C.

This demand can be covered very easily by SOLID’s high temperature flat plate collectors at a high level of overall system efficiency. And with an excellent potential for economic energy storage.

SOLID with its know-how for large scale solar thermal plants is very active in the field of solar process heat, not only in commercial sales projects but also in participating at EU-research projects for demonstrating the reliability and quality of solar process heat plants.

Simplified integration scheme

Simplified integration scheme

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