SOLID supports Western Balkan ...

... countries in the energy transition.
The countries of the Western Balkans, Serbia, BiH, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Albania are ready to hit the switch to renewables. District Heating and cooling used to be powered by fossil fuel, which also strengthened dependencies on foreign energy imports. To spark action in the field of district energy a new program was put into place by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, which was funded by the Austrian government. ReDEWeB, Renewable District Energy in the Western Balkans, aims to support the establishment of a market for renewable district energy investments through a range of measures. To ensure great success of the program suitable and qualified consultants are required. SOLID was asked to provide help in their area of expertise: Heat pumps and solar thermal. Big Solar feasibility studies are already being carried out and will soon bring down Big Oil for a bright and sunny future.
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