Looking back at a busy and eventful year


2018 was another very successful year for SOLID. We have built new solar plants and sought further partnerships, because the contribution of the sun to climate protection is inevitable. Here is a short overview of the construction projects of the year 2018:


The world’s largest field test for solar thermal collectors is growing!


FHKWInstalled in 2014, the test field at Fernheizwerk, Puchstraße (District Heating Plant, Puchstraße) in Graz, Austria has now grown to a total collector area of 3215 m2. The testing field is the extension of a 5000 m2 situated on the roof of the industrial complex AEVG. Besides high temperature flat plate collectors, vacuum tube collectors and concentrating collectors are also put to the acid test. Resulting in a rise of the annual heat production by 200 MWh to a total of 1500 MWh. 450 t of CO2 emissions are being saved that way.



Mürzzuschlag is gearing up for the future


MÜrzzuschlagIn November of this year, the ground-breaking ceremony for the largest solar-thermal plant of the Mürz valley, in Mürzzuschlag, Austria took place. 5000 m2 of flat-plate collectors and a thermal capacity of 2800 kW will soon save the Mürz valley 930t of CO2. Owner and operator SolarWärme MZ GmbH - a company of the SOLID Group - plans to generate 2.45 million kWh solar district heating from spring 2019. 275 apartments can be supplied in this way. In summer, the heating demand of Mürzzuschlag is covered mostly environmentally friendly by the sun.



The solar energy village Liggeringen takes shape


LiggAt Lake Constance, the future is exemplified. In Germany, Radolfzell, district Liggeringen, the heat supply is converted to solar thermal energy and biomass in an environmentally sound manner. The assembly of the 84 high-performance flat-plate collectors has already been completed. Now the 3 buffer storage tanks with 80 m3 each have been set up and the technical room has been equipped. The residents of Liggeringen are already looking forward to March 2019 when the plant will go in operation.



The city of Erfurt is being solarized



The center of Germany is also being solarized with the help of SOLID. In Erfurt, a 534 m2 solar thermal system is currently being built. High-temperature flat-plate collectors will soon provide a capacity of 300 kW for feeding solar heat into the district heating network. The construction works will be completed by the end of March 2019 resulting in a plant ready to operate.




The SOLID team wishes you a merry Christmas, relaxing holidays and a happy new year!



Our new year’s resolution for 2019 is to continue to make the best possible contribution to climate protection!