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To optimize and develop business models as a motor of development for the Western Balkan countries and beyond were the focus of the PPP conference in the Bosnian capital Sarajevo. In order to implement public projects in the best possible way, the aim is to get private companies and investors on board by means of attractive public-private partnership, in short PPP, business models. The event took place in mid-September and was hosted by the World Bank in cooperation with the Swiss government.


On the invitation of the World Bank, Christian Holter, CEO of SOLID, was one of the participants in the panel discussion on Smart Cities and was able to put the solar district heating into perspective. On the other hand, Holter was allowed to give a keynote speech, which initiated the afternoon-long discussion on sustainable financing of renewable energy for the Bosnian health sector. Representatives of government, companies and organizations from the Balkan region and worldwide were part of the event.


The International Finance Corporation (IFC), the arm of the World Bank, which is responsible for private-sector projects, has already recognized the potential for large-scale solar heating and cooling in the Balkan countries. Particular attention was paid to the renewable energy supply for cities and the health sector. With great concern, rising prices for fuels and electricity are considered. In addition, there are obsolete technologies for the energy supply. Failures or supply bottlenecks can cause fatal outcomes. The goal is to find technically, economically and financially meaningful ways, which are treaded in harmony with people and the environment.


In the panel discussion on various Smart City case studies, Holter acted as an expert for solar district heating for cities. He gave input on financing models and asked important questions such as the goal of a Bosnian town to become a smart city.


SOLID has already gained experience in the field of solar cooling of hospitals in Managua, Nicaragua. In his opening speech on the topic, Christian Holter specifically addressed the needs and challenges of hospitals. Holter managed to inspire many of those present by his speech to welcome innovation and innovation.


The PPP conference was also a perfect opportunity for a reunion with political decision-makers, energy providers and other stakeholders attending the latest Solar District Heating (SDH) conference in Graz. Talks deepened and new plans for the future were forged.