Major environmental technology specialists from Styria act for climate protection


SOLID EicheIn May 2018, the climate protection initiative R20, founded by Arnold Schwarzenegger, started its local Styrian collaboration. The Styrian Governor Hermann Schützenhofer, SOLID, other and companies of the Green Tech Cluster, and schoolkids planted 20 oak trees, symbols of climate protection.

Companies of the Green Tech Cluster are global players in the field of environmental technologies. Globally, more than 550 million tons of C02 were avoided due to technologies of Styrian companies. This is more than 40 times annual emission of Styria.

The non-profit-organization “R20 Regions of Climate Action” was founded by Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2010 in cooperation with the United Nations. The aim of the initiative is to support climate protection and green technologies with best practice projects of companies and regions. The planted oaks symbolize the collaboration and the deep roots of climate protection in Styria.
“Styria’s contribution is important, but the global commitment to climate protection has to grow, so that our descendants can grow up in an intact environment. Therefore the initiative of Arnold is of significant importance”, the governor of Styria Schützenhofer emphasized.