C Robert KochSOLID leads feasibility study “Big Solar Feldbach”


The city of Feldbach was looking for a renewable source to provide heating energy to its community. SOLID now elaborates on a study to examine the technical and economical potential for a large scale solar thermal plant. The system integrates a seasonal storage and a thermal absorption heat pump to contribute energy to the district heating network.


The feasibility study started in early 2018 together with Energie Steiermark, the local “Energie Agentur Feldbach” (LEA) and the climate and energy model region “Mittleres Raabtal” from Styria. The project will be further elaborated and discussed up until January 2019. It is a co-financed project of the “Austrian Climate and Energy Fund” storage initiative.


The study aims to identify a well suited integrated system (storage, solar thermal, industrial waste heat and absorption heat pump) which can guarantee the best possible amount of renewable heat for the district heating network of Feldbach. At the same time, the economical, legal and specific municipal requirements will also be considered. First results show that a high solar fraction of about 50% is economically profitable.
Possible land areas for the storage and the collector field were identified at the first stakeholder meeting in March 2018 with partners, the mayor and further municipal representatives.


Photocredit: Robert Koch