Research Project Task 55: Solar thermal and district heating scale up together


Task 55

Back to the roots: For the 2nd time, the internationally successful research project IEA SHC Task 55 took place in Graz. From April 9 to 10 2018, 41 globally recognized experts from 11 countries discussed new pathways and successful solar thermal projects in district heating at the Hotel Weitzer.

Previous SOLID-led meetings were held in Aalborg, Denmark and Abu Dhabi, V.A.E. Due to the growing popularity of the meetings, SOLID had a record number of registrations this year.
At the meeting, brand new and well-kept research results were presented. In order to design systems that are technically sophisticated and to ensure cost-effectiveness, the latest forms of quality assurance and the latest test methods for components of solar thermal systems were presented. It is unique that very specific plant data are evaluated and presented, although there are a number of industry competitors among participants. Even China is represented by a large company. The pursuit of competitive solar thermal systems is clearly visible and unites even the toughest competitors in the project.

It has been shown that numerous companies in the solar industry are interested in district heating and cooling. The next Task 55 meeting will take place in the fall of 2018 in Spain or China with new results and insights into Chinese solar thermal systems. Registration soon!