Large solar thermal plant commissioned for the flagship project "Solar Energy Village Liggeringen"


Solarthermieanlage Liggeringen

The "Solar Energy Village Liggeringen" with its renewable local heating network is a flagship project for the region Radolfzell on Lake Constance. The Stadtwerke Radolfzell commissioned the Austrian technology leader SOLID with the construction of a 1,100m² solar system for an environmentally friendly heat supply. A guaranteed win-win effect for residents and heat shift.


The construction of the new heating network in Radolfzell-Liggeringen on Lake Constance is renewing a whole district. Since the start of construction in the autumn of 2017, the development for the district heating pipelines are in progress, which could transport the regenerative heat from solar thermal and biomass already this winter to the residents. The flagship project of Stadtwerke Radolfzell also includes a fiber-optic network. District heating customers will receive an efficient data connection. The majority of homes are currently heated with mostly outdated oil or liquid gas boilers. 90 of the 260 homeowners are expected to be the beneficiaries of the ecologically smart heat supply this year already.


Responsible for the planning and construction of the solar system is the solar specialist SOLID from Austria. The experienced company was able to prevail over four competitors through quality in technology and efficiency. "During the exploration of the offers it turned out quickly that for our application, a village heat supply at a moderate temperature level, high-performance flat plate collectors are a much more economical solution compared to evacuated tube collectors", says Andreas Reinhardt, Managing Director of Stadtwerke Radolfzell. The solar panels offered by SOLID reach temperatures of 80 to 100 ° C in good sunlight. During low solar radiation, e.g. in winter, solar energy can preheat the heating water. Then the wood boiler provides the energy needed to provide customers with renewable heat.