BINE 2+: Integration of buildings with heat generators into heating grids



SOLID designs the future of district heating networks: District heating customers will soon not only be consumers but will also become producers through the availability of renewable heat sources, such as solar thermal energy or biomass. The "consumer" is also "producer", creating a new type of "prosumer". Prosumers feed generated heat beyond their own needs into a public district heating network. SOLID can contribute significantly to the development of supply concepts through its many years of experience.

Necessary technical prerequisites were examined within the scope of the research project BINE 2+ by simulations and a real test network. It was possible to gain knowledge on how temperatures, pressures and mass flows in the network change due to grid feed-in at different points.

In order to ensure the participation of prosumers and of district heating network operators, an advanced regulatory concept and a profitable business model were developed. Economic models that provide sufficient autonomy are essential for the decentralized supply of commercial and small-scale facilities. One of the main objectives of the research project was to investigate whether the comprehensive control strategy is economically feasible.

The path for prosumers has been furthered by SOLID and is now being accelerated to a public level.