SOLID at an Expert Meeting in Abu Dhabi: Towards Solar District Heating and Cooling


Abu Dhabi

Solar District Heating (SDH) is in its early market development stage. Large solar thermal plants feeding into district heating networks represent only about 1% of the installed capacity of solar thermal systems, despite the fact that competitive prices lower than 40 €/MWh can be reached. In the long run, solar district heating could represent a significant amount of the total potential of solar thermal energy.


SOLID leads the project Task 55 of the International Energy Agency and organized an Expert Meeting in Abu Dhabi. This 3rd expert meeting exceeded expectations by far: 35 participants from 12 countries contributed to discussions, presentations, and exchanged latest project results of the industry. More than 60% of the participants represented large scale solar thermal industry.


Experts discussed most recent monitoring data, integration schemes of solar air cooling plants fed by TVP panels into a DC network, real operating data of an installation in Kuwait, or an evaluation of the potential for efficiency increase by the application of model-based control strategies. Additionally, the potential and barriers in emerging district heating markets were emphasized.


The next Task 55 Expert Meeting will be organized by SOLID in Graz, Austria, in April 2018. For registration e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.