AVL List GmbH Integrates Solar Thermal Energy



The company AVL List GmbH is one of the most innovative companies in Austria. Today, solar thermal collectors with an area of 1,585 m² roof the top parking area of the garage at the location in Graz. The well-known industry partner receives process heat from the solar system for the dehumidification of the ventilation systems. Austria's first industrial ESCo facility has been in full operation since June 2017 and provides clean energy for AVL List GmbH for its test cell climatization. The plant is part of a large overall concept. An additional solar thermal system is planned, which will provide process cooling. In the summer of 2018, the company aims to benefit from solar cooling technology for cooling and air-conditioning of its office and laboratory buildings. The expansion of the solar project is currently at the beginning in its implementation phase.

The solar thermal plant under construction will be Austria's largest solar process heat installation. It highlights the commitment of AVL List GmbH on environmental awareness, strong measures towards innovation and sustainability.