SOLID at the 22nd District Heating Colloquium in Dresden


22. Dresden

For the 22nd time, the IWFT institute, which is affiliated to the TU Dresden, organized the Dresden district heating colloquium together with the AGFW. SOLID and more than 250 visit the event every year to keep up with the latest developments in district heating, to get new contacts and to re-establish old connections. The industry around district heating met from the 26th to the 27th of September 2017. Again, the event offered the latest topics on energy policy, framework conditions, urban development, technology, research and development.
It became very clear that solar thermal energy is an increasingly important factor in district heating.


The number of district heating projects with a solar thermal share has increased significantly. At the Solarthermal Status Workshop, the chairman concluded: "Solar thermal energy and district heating: Finally comes together what belongs together". SOLID presented its latest projects and research results on solar thermal installations in district heating systems.