The Austrian Foreign Trade Department invited Christian Holter to take part in the 1st AUSTRIAN WORLD SUMMIT on the 20th of June 2017 in Vienna, Austria. This platform was founded to support regions and their cities at efforts to implement “Green Infrastructure”. Amongst a lot of other fellow energy transformers, Arnold Schwarzenegger (and his climate initiative R20), the President of Austria Alexander van der Bellen as well as the Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern, were key speakers at the event and eager to push forward the dialogue on Paris climate targets and the UN sustainability goals.

A lot of participants were pioneers in the field of renewable energies and discussed their future market potential along presentations and lectures of the industry. Alexander van der Bellen and Arnold Schwarzenegger highlighted the central role of Austria as one global player for innovation in environmental technologies. Climate protection is a promising business field Austrian companies are very active in. Technological changes bear lots of potential on the global market. SOLID engaged in several very promising discussions and made a number of new contacts for future solar thermal largescale projects.