Poster of SOLID awarded 2nd Place at the International Renewable Energy Storage Conference (IRES 2017) in Düsseldorf, Germany


BSG Posterprsi IRES 201703

SOLID presented a concept for a solar thermal large scale plant supported by a 1,8m³ storage at the 11th International Conference (IRES 2017) hold together with the Energy Storage Europe (conference + expo). Out of 97 poster contributions, the poster from SOLID was awarded with the excellent 2nd place.


Each year, the conference creates an international platform to highlight the newest scientific, economic and political measures for the successful market introduction of storage technologies in Germany, Europe, and globally. SOLID participated in a number of insightful discussions on the possibilities to store large amounts of energy from solar thermal systems. In light of the “Wärmewende”, i.e. renewable energy transition, innovative technology solutions to sync energy production and consumption patterns gain and need increasing attention. Therefore, a multitude of options for energy storage solutions are crucial for a prosper energy transition. More than 650 international experts and about 4,200 visitors from around 55 countries participated in the conference and exchanged ideas, concepts, and whole projects on innovative storage technologies. For many years, SOLID has been part of research and industry frontrunner projects of large thermal storages to manage energy based on renewables all year round. The active industry involvement of SOLID has opened up a number of additional intelligent options for solar thermal technology applications throughout the year.