SOLID awarded with the ENERGY GLOBE STYRIA AWARD 2017 in the Category “GLOBAL PROJECTS”


Energy Globe Award 2017

A project from SOLID was one of the TOP 3 initiatives awarded at the Energy Globe Styria in the international category “earth”. The project is called “Solar thermal plant for climatizing Nicaragua’s biggest and most modern hospital – innovation through technology and financing”. The solar thermal plant will be built for air conditioning and hot water supply of a hospital in the capital city of Managua. The project is based on an innovative financing model. It is the first time that a solar thermal project is financed by a soft loan. The OeKB (Austrian Control Bank) acts as a warrantor to this loan, and supports Austrian exports such as this at the international market. The financing model aims to leverage sustainable development activities in recipient countries.

For the 16th time, the province of Styria was the host of the Energy Globe Styria Awards to highlight outstanding energy and sustainability projects. In total, 75 projects in 5 categories were submitted from different companies and institutions. Only the top 3 of each category were awarded by an expert committee. The Styrian innovation spirit was an important factor for the Award. Successful projects of each category are important milestones on the way to a sustainable energy future. Styria is a flagship region of Austria considering the amount and quality of the submitted projects. Especially innovations such as the soft loan financed air conditioning solar installation from SOLID are publicly promoted by the Award: The solar thermal plant in Nicaragua has 4,450m² collector area and will produce 4,000 MWh heat for the generation of hot water and cooling. By producing 4,000 MWh of solar heat, 410,000 liters of oil as well as 1,100 tons of CO2 emissions can be saved per year. The project is a milestone for the national energy policy and represents a showcase project with a strong persuasive potential for the region of Central America.