SOLID@TedxGraz: Christian Holter talks about “GREEN OUR MAJOR ENERGY DEMAND NOW!”



SOLID became part of TEDx events for "ideas worth spreading." In his speech, Christian Holter emphasizes that getting out of fossil fuels by switching to renewable sustainable energies in combination with efficiency is the only way to go. Anybody is an energy consumer as of heat, transport, or electricity. To raise awareness is the key measure for reducing CO2 emissions and climate change. The full video is now available here.


The TEDx event was independently organized in Graz to spark conversations and connections at the local level. SOLID was invited to present findings and options on energy demands and renewable, solar energy heating opportunities. Christian Holter visualized daily energy consumption patterns and elaborated on personal experiences, such as the importance of heating when we experience a cold shower or freeze at home. He continues that today, the old infrastructure for heat supply is in serious troubles. Waste heat from power plants is limited and decreasing. Renewable energy sources are challenged to fill this gap and move from successful pilot projects to the backbone of future energy supply. However, a lot of renewable sources are either limited by amount, by availability at the right time, or by quality (e.g. temperature). Knowledge and technologies to evolve within the renewable energy industry are needed, but processes can be tracked globally.

The TEDxGraz speakers and their talks were a starting point for further discussion on renewable energy opportunities in Graz and worldwide.For further Information please click here.