eu event caribbean1SOLID at the EU-Caribbean Sustainability Conference: Solar Thermal Air-conditioning

The EU-Caribbean Sustainability Conference from the 10th – 11th of October 2016 aimed to leverage investment towards achieving the region’s ambitious renewable energy goals. SOLID installed several solar thermal systems across the Caribbean region and was one of the international guests sharing its knowhow for the innovative uses of renewable energy in the field of Solar Thermal air-conditioning.

The Caribbean region is particularly vulnerable to external shocks due to its scattered insularity, the impact of climate change, and high energy costs. Despite the significant availability of domestic renewable energy resources, the region remains highly dependent on imported fossil fuels, which exposes it to volatile oil prices and limits economic development. Transition to clean, affordable and efficient modern energy services is a cornerstone for sustainable development in the Caribbean region. Christian Holter, CEO from SOLID, participated in the conference and shared SOLID expertise on Caribbean projects in Jamaica and Nicaragua with a heterogeneous audience. Solar thermal cooling systems are one major opportunity to switch to solar energy in the region, but expertise is scarce globally. Discussions were structured around opportunities for investment in solar thermal energy, best practice examples in the Caribbean and the EU region from SOLID, and options for improved regulatory frameworks, new financing mechanisms and specific technologies suited to an island context.