District Heating Symposium in Austria demonstrates trend towards solar district heating



A symposium in Velden in March 2016 highlighted “District heating – responsibility for a bright future.” The convention provided information and networking possibilities for a multitude of institutions and companies specialized on district heating technologies. Solar thermal systems were attributed a key role at the strongly evolving district heating market. The integration of renewable energy technologies into different kinds of energy networks is heavily promoted at policy levels and marks a turning point of the national and international energy market. Especially Austria committed itself to an increase of solar energy in heating networks of communities and cities. Two convention booths and several speeches at the symposium emphasized the strong interest of the district heating industry into characteristics of solar technologies within district heating networks.

Austrian companies such as SOLID are among the global pioneers in the fields of solar thermal district heating and cooling. New, smart concepts with large scale storages and absorption heat pumps can be highly profitable and are of great interest for the energy community. SOLID had a strong presence at the symposium and informed interested stakeholders about new projects in Austria, economical, ecological, and technical benchmark solutions for solar thermal district heating.