SOLID is a long-term partner of international and Austrian development agencies


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For many years, SOLID has played an active role in development cooperation projects of the United Nations (UN) and the Austrian Development Agency (ADA) beyond the company´s core business activities.

The UNIDO and the UNEP organizations of the UN have organized several conferences in the past, which focused on resources efficiency and cleaner production measures. Dr. Christian Holter from SOLID was invited to these conferences to give speeches in front of the international community. In October 2015, Dr. Holter and César Barahona, the National Coordinator of the Cleaner Production Center Nicaragua (CPML), presented latest developments on “Latin America and the Caribbean: Renewable Energy Upscaling - Solar Thermal Systems for Industrial Applications”. SOLID has been working with César Barahona for years on project opportunities to support economic and sustainable developments in Nicaragua. One project under consideration focuses on a hospital in the region. Solar thermal energy could become one major source of energy to cover its energy demand of air conditioning and hot water facilities. The project could be financed with a soft-loan, if it fulfills specific development cooperation criteria.

SOLID has also been a long term partner of the ADA. Here, SOLID had its first economic partnership in the Caribbean region from 2008-2011. In 2012, together with the local company RED, SOLID commissioned the first solar cooling plant with almost 1,000m² collector area in Kingston/ Jamaica. In 2014 SOLID even won the National ENERGY GLOBE Award Jamaica for this project.

SOLID wants to continue the success story with the ADA by developing an economic partnership in Southeast Asia. It is one objective of the company to develop structures and a framework for solar thermal and sustainable markets with a strong focus on awareness raising and trainings to stimulate a sustainable, local economy.