IKEA commissioned SOLID to evaluate the installation of a solar thermal cooling system in Singapore


Art3 IKEASOLID is currently working on a concept for integrating a solar thermal cooling system and conventional air conditioners into existing systems for the Swedish furniture giant IKEA. A 2,600 m² collector field could be established at the Singapore location.

The furniture store IKEA has gradually expanded its efforts in environmental protection over the years. The enterprise is exclusively buying sustainably produced cotton since 2015, has integrated energy-saving lamps in all their locations, uses PV and would like to air-condition their buildings now alternatively.

SOLID is well-known in Singapore due to its strong appearance and is now developing the first concept for implementing a solar thermal cooling system for IKEA. In the 2,600 m² system a 875 kW (250 tons) absorption cooling machine and a 1,050 kW (300 tons) electro-chiller should be integrated.  Such a design can be compared with the performance of 2 conventional 1,050 kW (300 tons) electro-chillers.

With a total of 315 sales branches worldwide, IKEA has numerous possibilities to force standardized solutions in the field of energy.  SOLID is already part of numerous multiplication-projects and sees great potential in IKEA and its sale branches. The new project should assist the enterprise in pushing its energy independency and in reducing its CO2 emissions.