SOLID at the climate-round-table at the USC Schwarzenegger Institute


Art2 SchwarzeneggerDuring the visit of the Austrian environmental minister Andrä Rupprechter in the United States, a round table on climate change was held at the Schwarzenegger Institute for State and Global Policy at the well-known University of Southern California (USC), Los Angeles.

Christian Holter (CEO of SOLID), Arnold Schwarzenegger (former governor of California), Gray Davis (former Democratic governor), Terry Tamminen and Linda Adams (former secretaries of the Calofornia Environmental Protection Agency), Bob Hertzberg (senator) and Juergen Roth (vice president of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce) underlined the strength in innovation of Austrian environmental companies in attractive cooperation sectors. An attractive cooperation sector is renewable energy, such as solar thermal energy. The United States and the environmentally conscious federal state California are interesting partners for SOLID and its innovative energy solutions.


Due to its innovative funding programs, California represents an attractive market for SOLID. The federal state is a so-called “green policy innovator” and has the highest density of research facilities and Nobel laureates in the United Stated, which are promoting solutions for environmental problems.

SOLID is currently working on projects in California and is, thanks to political actors and events such as the round table, already pretty well networked.