Research in the field of heating grids


Two cooperative research projects with participation of SOLID have been launched in March 2015. Both are concerned with the sustainable and environmentally friendly supply for district heating grids and are supported in the course of the Energy Research Programme 2014 by the Austrian Climate and Energy Fund. SOLID is bringing in its long term expertise in Solar District Heating technology.



In the research project BINE2+, SOLID will provide its leading expertise on local and regional heating networks as one of the main project partners. The technical integration of decentralized heat producers and their ability to supply generated energy to a local heating network will be investigated in Lower Austria. Besides solar thermal energy other renewable energy sources like biomass and heat pumps will be integrated into the project´s district heating network as well.
Energy producers are in this case small families and communities but not big central energy plants. The small units cover their local energy demand themselves and provide surplus energy to the research project´s local energy distribution network. If some units produce less energy than locally needed, they consume energy from the network.


Results from the research project are promising for the solar thermal industry: facts on technical requirements to develop Prosumer networks, intelligent control settings analysis and new business models to successfully implement sustainable heating networks in the future.



The heat_portfolio project follows similar approaches on a more general basis. This project focuses on the integration of storage and heat pumps, control strategies and hydraulic connection variants. Several case studies and dynamic simulations will help to judge variants in terms of their economic indicators as well as in terms of sustainability.