SOLID and representatives from the City of Graz on the trail of northern large solar thermal plants


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SOLID´s CEO Christian Holter, experts from SOLID and an official delegation from the city of Graz visited large solar thermal systems in Denmark from the 21st – 22nd of January. The short trip was instrumental in learning how solar companies in Denmark secure supply for large district heating systems, to exchange experiences and have a look at best practice examples in the region. Among others, two plants in Dronninglund and Vojens were of special interest. The solar plant at Dronninglund is located at a degree of latitude far more north than London, and has a collector are of 35,000 m². It´s storage tank has 60,000m³ and the system supplies 1,350 customers.Due to the system´s performance and dimension it is capable to provide 40% of Dronninglund´s district heating demand.

The second plant the delegation visited was in Vojens, in the south of Dronninglund and around the latitude of Northern Ireland. The plant in Vojens has a collector are of 70.800 m² and is famous for the world´s biggest heat storage tank with 200,000 m³. 7,655 inhabitants rely on this system, which accounts for 9 m² collector area per person in Vojens.

The delegation brought its´ impressions and gained know-how back with the goal to develop similar Systems in Styria in combination with Solids existing experience.