Solar Thermal Energy and Mineral oil?
SOLID analyses potential for a solar thermal large scale plant to support process heat at the RAG


Tanklager Kremsmuenster1 02

RAG (Rohoel-Aufsuchungs-Aktiengesellschaft) is Austria’s oldest established oil & gas exploration, production and storage company. The company ensures the mineral oil supply within Austria and is a vital partner in Central Europe´s overall energy security. The core areas of business are oil and natural gas exploration, production and trading, oil & gas storages as well as projects in the field of Renewable Energies.

A significant heating demand can be found at the mineral oil tanks, production locations and the district heating network Kremsmünster. In order to meet the energy demand, a combined heat and power (CHP) gas plant with a total capacity of 2.4 MWel is installed. SOLID now analyzes possibilities to extend the company´s heating supply with a 6 MWtherm solar thermal plant. Feed in points could be at the district heating network, the mineral oil production stations and at the 4 mineral oil tanks with each 60,000 m³.

Based on data from the installed gas boiler as well as heating demand in summer months, the system would consist of a 10.000 m² collector area and a 300 m³ heat storage tank. The existing oil tanks are included as heat consumers and heat storage in the concept.
It is an innovative step to combine traditional fossil based energy systems and renewable energies, like solar energy, both tailored to meet market needs and secure energy demand.