SOLID strengthens its position on the German Solar Energy Market


Detlev SeidlerMillions of square meter solar collector areas have been installed in Germany, turning it into one of Europe´s biggest solar thermal markets. SOLID now extends its position on the German solar thermal energy market with a well-known character – Detlev Seidler, who has a lot of experience in the German solar market.


Detlev Seidler has been SOLID´s sales manager since June 2014, responsible for the German solar thermal market. SOLID is very eager to increase activities and know-how in one of the biggest solar thermal markets for large scale systems in Europe. Germany is further supposed to be one of the most attractive markets in up-coming years.

Seilder worked for the Ritter Group from July 2010 until March 2014 as a Sales Director and was one main player to set up Ritter XL Solar Ltd.

Before Seidler entered the solar thermal industry, he worked for MVV energy services (today MVV Enamic) focusing on energy contracting. He was head of project development and main director for SPPs (special purpose projects).

With this new step, SOLID not only extends its market presence on the German Market, but strengthens its position within the whole european solar thermal industry.


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