Big success for SOLID Invest: Investment goal of 1.5 Mio. Euro accomplished
New solar thermal plant for the district heating system of Graz is a great opportunity to get on board of SOLID Invest

SOLID is thrilled: At the beginning of Mai 2014, almost six months after the amazing start of SOLID Invest, the initial investment goal of 1.5 Mio Euro had already been reached. SOLID Invest is a unique solar thermal civic participation model and has been more than successful so far. The investment model´s first launch ended now.


The first solar thermal plant based on SOLID Invest´s participations at the AVL-List GmbH is currently under construction. Now, SOLID finalized contracts and will start the 2nd civic participation plant´s construction phase. The existing AEVG plant in the Puchstrasse will be extended. This new ESCO project´s investments are based on SOLID Invest:
Today, the AEVG plant has 4,960 m² and is located at the area of the district heating plant Puchstrasse.

Within the next months, the huge solar thermal plant will be extended by another 2,000 m². Contracts with ESTAG, the company which provides the area for the plant and guides generated heat to the district heating network, were already signed. The extended solar plant will be able to provide around 7,000 households in Graz with hot water based on solar energy.
If you are now interested in solar thermal projects or if you would like to be part of future SOLID Invest projects, please don´t hesitate to contact us:

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