Project CommOnEnergy –Shopping Centers with Energy Efficient Architecture

Logo CommONEnergyLightmall” – project CommONEnergy is a cross-disciplinary research project. It aims to stimulate sustainable consumption behaviors by changing or creating modern, energy efficient shopping malls. SOLID is one of several international project partners. We will install small demo plants and write a feasibility study about the integration of large solar thermal plants in a shopping mall´s energy management.


The kick-off event for the "CommONEnergy” project took place in Bozen, Italy, in October 2013. The project is a 4-year research cooperation. Project coordination tasks are shared between independent European partners and EURAC. SOLID is among 23 project partners which belong to the industrial and research sector. The CommONEnergy project focuses on intelligent Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS), short and long-term storage, integrated design process guidelines, modeling environments and approaches targeted to shopping mall retrofitting and control optimization, energy-economic evaluation tools and environmental as well as socio-cultural impact assessments.
The first shopping centers appeared in the 1920´s in the United States and represent the modern version of historical market places. In Europe, thousands of shopping centers already have a share of 30% of the building sector for all non-residential buildings. Despite the ongoing, sustainable and green movement, shopping centers still stand for huge, energy consuming units with high CO2 emissions and an increasing waste production.

The EU project CommONEnergy works on retrofitting shopping centers with the objectives to increase energy savings, energy efficiency and support the implementation of renewable energies. Shopping centers can be converted into lighthouse buildings, promoting modern, sustainable architecture. The project targets newly constructed centers as well as already existing ones, which can reach energy saving rates as high as 75% and use up to 50% of renewable energies within their energy mix.
SOLID will install demo plants for testing purposes of 60 m² collector area. Furthermore, SOLID writes a feasibility study for large solar thermal plants in shopping centers, testing different scenarios within air conditioning and technical applications (e.g. large storages or control systems).

Project key facts:
•    Kick off: 1./2. Oktober 2013 in Bozen in EURAC
•    Project start: 1.10.2013,
•    Duration: 4 Years (30.09.2017)
•    23 European Project Partners

The project has received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme FP7/2007-2013 under Grant Agreement 608678


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