Innovative Large Solar Thermal Plant will be installed for Styrian corporation AVL List GmbH

UPC-Arena Graz 1440m²– it can be inferred from this picture how the AVL List GmbH´s new solar thermal plant will look like.

Kick-off for a large solar thermal plant co-financed with Austria´s first solar civic participation project. SOLID realizes the new solar plant, which saves up to 100 tons of CO2 per year. This year the project will be realized at the AVL List GmbH´s company Headquarter in Graz, Austria.

Due to SOLID´s huge success in the SOLID Invest initiative, the new, innovative plant is structured as ESCo (Energy-Service and Contracting).


SOLID is going to install an innovative, new large solar thermal plant for the company AVL List GmbH in Graz. AVL List GmbH is specialized on the development of power train systems for vehicles with internal combustion engines, simulations as well as engine instrumentation and test systems.


The solar plant will have a collector area of 1,500 m² and will feed 600 MWh p.a. into the internal heating network. The heat, produced by the solar thermal plant will be used for the engine test bed as well as for space heating. These services reduce the company´s annual CO2 emissions by 100 tons and secure stable long term energy prices. The collector area will furthermore provide shelter for the company´s large private parking lot.


Projects from SOLID like this one are funded by the Austrian Climate and Energy Fond, as SOLID´s projects are known for their innovative feature. The success of SOLID´s solar thermal technology is further indicated by the fact that it is the 7th large scale plant, beside the Berliner Ring, the UPC-Arena, the AEVG/Puchstraße and the Wasserwerk Andritz in Graz, a city with 300,000 inhabitants.

According to SOLID´s CEOs Christian Holter and Franz Radovic, “The large solar plant at AVL List GmbH isn´t our biggest ESCo project, but it is the first ESCo contract within the industrial sector.”