SOLID installed 1,067m² collector area at Fleischwaren Berger GmbH & Co. KG, producer of ham and sausages

Berger/Fa. SOLID

Today, Fleischwaren Berger GmbH & Co. KG from Sieghartskirchen, Lower Austria, saves 219 Tonnes of CO² and 62,500 liter of fuel oil due to a new large scale solar thermal plant. SOLID installed and started the plant´s operation in July 2013. Solar thermal process heat offers numerous industries the opportunity to reduce operation costs and increase their environmental performance.

SOLID and Fleischwaren Berger GmbH&CO.KG installed a solar thermal flat plate collector plant with 1,067m². The plant started its operation in July 2013.
Fleischwaren Berger GmbH & Co. KG produces ham and sausages. The production processes require large amounts of hot water and steam, now partly produced by the new solar thermal plant. On the one hand, the solar energy generates hot water to pre heat fed water for a steam boiler. On the other hand, the solar plant heats the whole hot water circle up to 70°C. The steam boilers´ fed water is heated from 30°C (fresh water is already pre-heated by cooling machines) to 95°C. The hot steam is required for various processes -especially for cooking ham. The hot water is further used to dry air conditioning pipes -e.g. in the ripening rooms, where long-living sausages are produced. Applications at Fleischwaren Berger are based on central hot water and steam processes. They can be found at most industrial processes using thermal energy. The solar thermal system at Fleischwaren Berger can therefore be implemented at different locations and different production processes.

Fleischwaren Berger chose SOLID as a reliable, capable partner for the planning and installation of the forward-looking technical solution. The project also became part of the European INSUN project, promoting solar thermal plants in industrial processes. The cooperation between Fleischwaren Berger GmbH&CO.KG. and SOLID was highly successful and one step towards further cooperation between SOLID and the process industry.

Basic data:

•    Collector area: 1,067m² high temperature flat plate collectors
•    Storage volume: 60m³
•    CO2 reduction per year: 219 tones
•    Heating capacity: 590kW
•    Guaranteed solar earnings: 500 MWh per year
•    High specific collector earnings of 465 kWh/m² per year
•    Reduced fuel oil: 62,500 liter per year
•    Location: Sieghartskirchen, Lower Austra. 35km west of Vienna

Further information: