Successful GBE FACTORY training of financial and business agents in Graz, Austria

Starting in 2012, SOLID has become a very active partner in the „Green Blue Energy Factory Project“. On the 18th of April 2013 a GBE FACTORY training event for financial and business agents was organized in Graz by SOLID (PP4) and the Styrian Internationalisation Centre. The event´s objective was it to illustrate business managers the huge possibilities in the field of renewable energies for corporations and the possible financial advantages these technologies can bring. SOLID highlighted its special know how and promoted the GBE project as a future possibility to foster solar energy.

A great interested party with 39 financial and business agents was attending the event. At the beginning the content and the aim of the GBE FACTORY project was presented. Expert presentations about industrial process improvement, photovoltaic, biomass & biomass CHP, solar thermal, geothermal and biogas for applications in industrial and commercial area were hold by respective competent professionals.


During the event the coffee breaks and lunch times were used for networking and interesting conversations. At the end of the event a workshop was carried out, where especially market impacts, energy policies and barriers of RES in Austrian commercial and industry sector were discussed.


We would like to thank all our lectures for presenting their fields of expertise and useful demonstration projects, the Styrian Internationalisation Centre for the support of the event organisation and of course all participants for their interest in the GBE FACTORY project.


All presentation can be downloaded in German language: