Huang Ming and Christian Holter met at the ECO Future Workshop

huang ming und christian holter in graz.jpgOn April 17, 2012, two solar pioneers met at the ECO Future Workshop in Graz:
Mr. Huang Ming, founder of the Himin Solar Energy Group and Alternative Nobel Prize winner 2011and Dr. Christian Holter, founder of the SOLID Group and pioneer in the field of large solar thermal systems as well as solar cooling.


The Himin Solar Energy group is the biggest Chinese collector producer with 9000 employees. The founder and head of Himin Mr. Huang Ming presented his visions for a solar energy revolution and „The Future of Micro Emission Technology“ at the ECO Future Workshop. The very personal and emotional engagement of the Chinese entrepreneur could be felt during his speech and was crowned with the statement, that in the audience there is only one person „even crazier than I“, which was Christian Holter!

A warm embracement on the stage was a gesture of their mutual appreciation.


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