SOLID held speech at the conference of the Union for the Mediterranean and the EU in Berlin

Veranstaltung BerlinThe Comitee for energy, environment and water of the Union for the Mediterranean organized a conference at the 10th and 11th of December 2012 in Berlin. Beside highly ranked government representatives and experts from around the world, SOLID participated with a key speech for solar thermal cooling, titled „Cooling by the Sun“. Topics of the presentation were problems of conventional cooling for electricity generation and distribution systems as well as best practices for solar thermal cooling.


The Union for the Mediterranean is a multilateral partnership which was created in July 2008 as a relaunched Euro-Mediterranean Partnership that encompasses member states of the European Union and Mediterranean partner countries from North Africa, the Middle East and the Balkans. The Union focuses on six concrete projects that target specific needs of the Euro-Mediterranean regions and that will enhance the visibility of the Partnership: De-pollution of the Mediterranean, Maritime and land highways, Civil protection, Alternative energies: Mediterranean solar plan, Higher education and research: A Euro-Mediterranean University and an Mediterranean business development initiative. Beside several projects, one main focus in the field of renewable energies is on solar energy grounded.


The conference´s objectives were to support innovative renewable energy projects and cooperation within the implementation of political actions against climate change effects.