SOLID is subtask leader for International Energy Agency

The international research project “Task 45 - Large Systems: Large Solar Heating/Cooling Systems, Seasonal Storage, Heat Pumps” started in January 2011 and is part of the IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Programme. Jan Erik Nielsen from Denmark is operating agent and SOLID is one of the very few commercial enterprises who take the subtask lead for International Energy Agency (IEA). This emphasises both the siginificance of research and development for SOLID and the high qualitiy of the research work of SOLID.


Subtask leader is Sabine Putz, who is also head of the SOLID R&D department with nine employees.


Christian Holter, CEO of SOLID, about the motivation of SOLID: “We don’t want mistakes of the past to be repeated in future large scale solar thermal plants. Plants which run well over a long period need appropriate hydraulics, large collectors and systematic quality management.”