VinziDorf gets a Solar Thermal installation as donation on the European Solar Day 2010!


VinziDorf/Fa. S.O.L.I.D

OekoTech & S.O.L.I.D. donated a Solar Thermal Installation to VinziDorf, an Austrian institution for homeless people.

On May 7th, the European Solar Day, the array was commissioned and a festivity took place with the inhabitants and the guests of honor.
Vice mayor Lisa Ruecker represented the city government, Manfred Wegscheider the federal state government and Reverend Pucher the Vincent Community.

The array will save approx. 4.000 kWh electric consumption per year (which also means 1.000 kg CO2).
As the electricity consumption is a major part of the communities operating expenses, the system is not only understood as an environmental amelioration but also an significant step in reducing annual operating cost for this social institution.

VinziDorf has been founded in 1993 by the Vincent Community and is a village, allowing a number of 40 homeless persons to live in peace and have their basic needs (like food, hygienic needs, and a place to sleep) covered.