Massachusetts Institute of Technology


On Monday, 19.10.2009, the CEO of SOLID had the honor to give a lecture in Cambridge, MA on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT about solar thermal technology. Nearly 100 highly interested listeners attended the event that was hosted by the MIT Energy Initiative.


The event was organised by Peter L. Cooper, Manager of Sustainability Engineering and Utility Planning, Department of Facilities and Alexander H. Slocum, Neil and Jane Pappalardo Professor of Mechanical Engineering.


 Starting with a summary on today’s distribution and usage of solar thermal technology compared to other renewable worldwide and the possible contribution to the worldwide energy supply, best practice examples in Solar Hot Water, Solar Cooling and AC, Solar process heat and Solar assisted District heating were shown. Finally, economic data and strategies of engineering were explained. A live connection to a solar cooling operation allowed explaining the performance based on actual data.A special highlight was the presentation of a 10,000 ft2 plant proposed for MIT's NW 35.


The presentation was followed by a intensive high level discussion and a tour through the labs of the MIT showing ongoing projects on solar technology.  Besides the presentation meetings to place to discuss solar energy contribution to MITs steam driven campus district heating system.


On Friday 23rd of October the next event of the MIT Energy Initiative took place. Speaker was President Barack Obama on "Green Energy Future"


On attached link you can download the presentation: Presentation MIT


Also the feed back of a researcher that the lecture visited is remarkable:


Dear Dr. Holter,


We met briefly following your excellent talk at MIT last week, which (to get right to the point) convinced me that you would probably be one of the best people on the planet to advise me … . The reason is quite simply that SOLID seems to have done just about everything that we need to learn how to do, including in particular selling into the industrial process heating and cooling markets.


It is my hope that our work will be of some interest to you, and that you may allow us to avail ourselves of your expertise as we move forward with it. We would of course be deeply grateful for any strategic advice, personal contacts, or other assistance you should choose to provide on an informal basis, but we would also take very seriously the prospect of a more formal partnership between our respective companies, either in the near future or (more probably) at a later date, when we have gotten a bit further with validating the commercial viability of our technology.


Meanwhile, a copy of your MIT presentation would be appreciated, since it seemed to have a good deal of material in it….I look forward to hearing from you.


With best wishes