SOLID collectors leading the collector listing of the Canadian Government

Oberzeiring/Fa. S.O.L.I.D

The SOLID Collectors “Gluatmugl GS” and “Gluatmugl HT” have now been accepted and included in the List of Accepted Solar Collectors of the Government of Canada:


  • This list shows the performance factors of the different collectors and the SOLID HT (= high temperature) collector very clearly holds the leading position. Its performance factor of 116% is significantly higher than all vacuum tubes, and other flat plates.Some vacuum tubes and one flat plate do show a factor of 107 %. Average values are 79.9 % for all Flat Plate Collectors and 76,0 %  for Evacuated Tube and Concentrating Collectors.
  • Beside the performance, all collectors listed in the Canadian system have to undergo an extra wind-load test which is, as far as we know, the highest wind load world-wide. SOLID’s collectors outperform also this  requirement by 25% and are tested for negative pressure of 2,500 Pa instead of 2,000 Pa.

Detailed data and results of quality and performance testing can be found in the download area of the SOLID website.

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