S.O.L.I.D goes Latin America 

Banners of the participating countries/Fa. S.O.L.I.DOn the 16th and 17th of March 2009 the workshop of the AEA (Allianza en Energia y Ambiente con Centroamérica) and the Global Forum on Sustainable Energy GFSE took place in Managua, Nicaragua, the topic of focus being “Solar-thermal Applications in Central America”.
The event was attended by high-ranking visitors. Ministers from several Latin American countries listened to comprehensive speeches on solar-thermal markets and applications. During this presentation the company of S.O.L.I.D. was able to elaborate on the aspects of process heat and solar cooling. In a further informative talk CONA presented solar technology for drying of fruit.

Jorge Bekris speaking/Fa. S.O.L.I.DTo round out the program pilot projects at hotels and industries in Central America, which were subsequently visited, were introduced and an extensive discussion on the possibilities of supporting the future market development was held.
Furthermore the workshop “Renewable Energy in Central America” took place in Managua as well. It was hosted by the Ministry of Energy and attended by guests from all over Central America. On this occasion Mr. Jorge Bekris, a partner of S.O.L.I.D. in Latin America presented our performance and delivery portfolio. His elaboration was so well received, that, besides the interviews with the Minister and the Secretary-General of the Allianza en Energia y Ambiente, an interview with our managing director Christian Holter was broadcasted on the television evening news in Nicaragua.


Christian Holter to interview/Fa. S.O.L.I.DThere is vast technical potential for the future development of solar-thermal projects in the region. First educational and demonstrational steps have already been introduced in a project organized in cooperation of UNIDO and AEE/Intec. A further progression in this market on our part will be carried out bilaterally organized by our head office in Graz and with regional partners.