New Process Heat installation in Phoenix, Arizona

Best specific energy gains in S.O.L.I.D.’s history.

Roof Mounted Collectors/Fa. S.O.L.I.DBy the end of the year 2008, S.O.L.I.D. has installed a collector field of 85 “Gluatmugl” large scale flat plate collectors for one of the worldwide leading producers in the soft drink industry, based in Phoenix, AZ.

Each one of the 85 panels has a size of 10.5 m² / 113 ft², adding up to a collector field of 893 m² / 9600 ft².
Water for the production process is preheated by the Solar Thermal collector array, reducing local gas consumption.

The expected energy gains of more than 1200 kWh/m² year (> 380,000 BTU/ft² year) can be a new world record for any kind of Solar Installation. Measurements during the first months of operation are proving that the expectations of SOLID’s engineers are justified and the result of year one shall be presented in mid 2010.