Global Climate Summit 3

Holter,Schwarzenegger,Thaler bei der Global Climate Summit 3SOLID has participated on the 3. Governors Global Climate Summit in Davis at the University of California (UC), calling for greater efforts to develop a green economy.
More than 1,500 representatives from more than 80 states, provinces and countries attended the summit with the theme of "Building the Green Economy."


As one of the largest gatherings of regional leaders from around the world with a focus on climate solutions, the summit would continue to expand the network of subnational collaboration to share policies and strategies on how to grow a green economy, reduce dependence on fossil fuels, create green jobs, promote clean energy solutions and curb greenhouse gas pollution, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger said.


"With or without international agreements, the green revolution is moving full-speed ahead in states, regions and provinces. I have seen the power these regional governments carry in influencing and creating the new ideas that spur clean innovation, reduce emissions and create jobs, and this summit is an incredible opportunity to build on our subnational successes," Schwarzenegger said.


In partnership with the UN Development Program and the UN Environment Program and co-sponsored by UC Davis, the summit is co-hosted by Schwarzenegger, Michigan Governor Jennifer M. Granholm, Washington Governor Chris Gregoire, Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle and Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski.


"The clean energy path leads to millions of jobs, less reliance on fossil fuels and reduced greenhouse gases," Michigan Governor Granholm said. "This summit is an opportunity to share with the world how we're building a clean energy economy in Michigan.”


The summit is taking place at UC Davis so as to take advantage of the university's long history of world-class research and development in environmental sustainability and green jobs.


UC Davis' academic research, expertise and collaborative approach have been providing solutions to government, industry and advocates for decades on issues ranging from energy efficiency and biofuels to sustainable agriculture and health solutions for rural and developing communities.