Official inauguration of the worldest largest solar thermal


CDG from above/Fa. S.O.L.I.DSOLID has the honour to announce the official inauguration of the worldest largest solar thermal air-conditioning system on an office building.  Our partners and the customer published the attached press release:


The Portuguese minister of economy states that the current model of world-wide energy supply is unsustainable and the future lies in efficient and renewable energy resources.




Lisbon. Today the minister of economy and innovation classified the world-wide energy supply model  as unsustainable, designating that Portugal’s future lies in renewable energy sources and energy efficiency.
“The current model is unsustainable, in both, the aspect of available natural resources and the environmental situation. It is inevitable to take part in the process of change and therefore renewable energy sources are our future”, Minister Manuel Pinho told the press in Lisbon.  
Minister Pinho held his speech on the occasion of the inauguration of a thermal solar plant on the central office building of the headquarters of the Caixa Geral de Depostios (CGD), the largest bank in Portugal. From today on, an exposition  explaining  this type of solar energy will take place there.


The installation of 1.600 square meters (m2) of thermal solar collectors is the result of a partnership between the CGD and electric Portuguese EDP and allows an estimated annual saving of 1200 MWh, which corresponds to five percent of the total energy consumption of the building.  To date, the facility has already produced 650 Megawatthours of thermal energy.

About 160 solar collectors cover the roof of the building, financed by an investment of 1.25 million Euros. They allow the reduction of 500 tons of emissions of carbon dioxide, as well as saving an amount of electricity equivalent to the annual consumption of two thousand  households by providing all the energy needed for water heating and for air conditioning.   In addition, the energy  output will also be used in the restaurant of the CGD, where between 3500 and 4000 meals are served daily.
On the occasion, Minister Pinho  presented a commemorative tablet and guaranteed that the future of the country, Europe and the world lies on a narrow path, which he named: “Innovation and Sustainability”.


CGD from the outside/Fa. S.O.L.I.D

The minister also stated that Portugal is on the right track within the group of the five countries in the world that are capable of producing this  amount of solar energy, and in 10, 20 or 30 years will be one of the winners.  “The winners (countries) will be those who change their attitude towards this energy production (renewable) and energy efficiency”, he underlined, advancing that, “it is not enough only to produce energy.”
According to Manuel Pinho, the strategy of energy efficiency has to be followed universally, by companies, regional politics and local representatives.


The president of the CGD emphasized his satisfaction with this leap forward on the path to reducing energy costs and to decreasing the emission of carbon dioxide. Furthermore Faria de Oliveira said that credit for the inauguration of the solar equipment also had to be given to the politics of the Portuguese financial group.
The executive director of the CGD described the project as a “symbolic gesture” that has to be followed by companies and the Portuguese society.