10,5 m² Gluatmugl HT collectors/Fa. S.O.L.I.D.Double-covered flat-plate collector with large-area modules. New trends on the solar market show a shift towards the increased use of solar thermal for air-conditioning purposes and industrial applications.


The development of this new collector has been a reaction to this market situation: the new fields of application require high-efficiency collectors at temperature levels of about 80-95°C.
The test results that are available now show leading performance per collector area for high temperatures even beating most vacuum tubes.

The new collector is similar in appearance to the standard Gluatmugl large-area collector which has been widely used in past large-scale solar thermal installations by S.O.L.I.D. The new HT collector combines the features of the standard Gluatmugl with design improvements which increase its efficiency especially in the temperature range of 80-95°C.

The Gluatmugl HT collector achieves low heat loss values with the aid of a double cover: additionally to the outer glazing, an inner cover was added to reduce the convective heat losses. The outer cover consists of a high-transmission solar glass (unstructured float glass without AR coating on both sides, but AR available on request). The inner cover consists of a transparent and high temperature resistant plastic film (Teflon) stretched at collector assembly in order to reduce slack. A thicker back insulation (120mm mineral wool) has also been incorporated to reduce heat losses on high working temperatures.


Operating temperature level

80°C to 120°C

Dimensions of the collectors

The Gluatmugl HT collector is basically offered in 3 sizes:


  • Gluatmugl HT 14.3m² gross area
    length / width / height: 6150mm / 2330mm / 175mm
  • Gluatmugl HT 12.0m² gross area
    length / width / height: 5130mm / 2330mm / 175mm
  • Gluatmugl HT 10.5m² gross area
    length / width / height: 5130mm / 2050mm / 175mm

Due the large area of the collector modules and their competitive price, the Gluatmugl HT collectors are especially suitable for commercial large-scale solar thermal installations.
The Gluatmugl HT collector has been tested according to EN 12975:2006 by arsenal research, Vienna. The collector performance parameters based on aperture area are:


  • η0 = 0.806
  • a1 = 2.58 W/m²K
  • a2 = 0.009 W/m²K²

Present development state

The development of the Gluatmugl HT collector is complete; the collector is market-ready and commercially available on the market. Gluatmugl HT collectors are already used in several large-scale solar thermal installations. Currently, over 10,000 m² of collector area with the Gluatmugl HT are installed and in operation in commercial solar plants.