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Extracting energy from the sun represents active environmental protection and is a high value contribution to sustainable energy supply. It is part of Solid´s corporate management to take responsibility towards its employees, the environment and society. Solid´s core business has a close connection to environmental protection. Business success, social responsibility as well as ecological engagement are interdependent and central. Continuing efforts towards high quality working processes, involving high level products, services and assistance are as well Solid´s primary objectives.
The company focuses sustainability as a balance between its ecologic, economic and social dimensions.
We would like to be our already existing and potential customers´ and partners´ first choice.
Following core aspects support our attempts:

•   Highest technical competences;
•   Excellent products´ quality;
•   Best services and customer assistance;
•   Global, but local presence;
•   Modern and flexible consulting;
•   High qualified and dedicated employees;


Our Vision…
Within our world perspective, renewable energies ensure high, seminal living standards. Consistent with the sun´s inexhaustible power, we use its energy and co-determine present as well as future energy supply.

..our mission…
Constant development facilitates solar thermal large scale plant´s operation and installation as well as guarantees reliable, positive long term economic performance. Based on our efforts, we aim to support the solar thermal industry´s constant worldwide growth and dispersion. Economic feasibility, social responsibility and environmental protection are accord with each other. 

Our product and service variety for different solar thermal systems guarantees individual, customized solutions. Constant increasing customer demands arise from our high level systems consulting and multifaceted competences. Due to high engagement we create value for our partners, employees and investors.  

..based on our values
•  Ethics: Respect towards humankind and nature – no exceptions
•  Honesty: Integrity is a natural consequence
•  Quality: Mankind and nature really have a benefit- together reaching optimum,
                  high quality solutions
•  Responsibility: Taking responsibility for customers´, environment´s, employees´ and
                           other stakeholder´s satisfaction

Economic success
Long term economic success is based on responsible business behavior. Economic principles are as important to a company´s sustainable business performance as reliable relationships with business partners, customers or employees. Central are a company´s external and market behavior, employees´ attitude towards each other and towards society as well as the environment.
Economic success and being a stable long term partner are solid´s core attributes. We guarantee safe workplaces and our investors an adequate investment return. Economic success and our investors´ trust are admissions for our accomplishments.
Product development and service generation orientate on customers´ needs and are based on conserving economic and financial resources. Responsible economic behavior is central as to guarantee long term economic success.

Equity, Honesty and Law
Important modules within business relations are equity, honesty, trust and respect. Every employee is encouraged to take own business decisions. Our viable business organization is based on open communication and cooperative business governance.
During the construction of solar thermal large scale plants, all environmental protection laws and environmental regulations are controlled and supervised. Environmental protection is even over-complied:  e.g. modern construction applications for open land plants do not use concrete foundations. They do not close natural surfaces and can be reused. Environmental standards fulfilled – on worldwide highest standards.
We follow a honest and fair business policy. No place for corruption or granting of an undue advantage.

Environmental Perspective
By focusing on our products´ high performance, we foster renewable energies and contribute to reducing mankind´s environmental burdens. Constant material improvements, efficiency enhancements and location optimizations are followed by continuous performance improvement.
One defined main objective is it to save resources. Renewable resources are preferable over non-renewable resources. Sustaining corporate environmental improvements are based on teamwork, stimulated by a transparent information system.
We expect and request our suppliers and partners to fulfill at least equal environmental standards as we do.


Waste Management
Solid gives high priority to a responsible energy policy as well as a responsible resource management. Waste management is one part of material management and essential for sustaining resource availability. Waste can be separated and collected at each workplace. Furthermore, community collection stations are provided at collective areas.
First priority is given to waste avoidance, followed by waste reduction. Suppliers are requested to manage waste accordingly and e.g. avoid unnecessary package materials.

Most buildings´ generated environmental costs are based on their energy consumption. As Solid´s core business activities are also focusing buildings´ solar thermal applications, we decided to set the best example for our customers. Our office buildings use solar thermal energy for heating and cooling. Furthermore we exclusively buy green electricity. All energy sources are based on renewable resources and do not generate CO2 emissions or radioactive waste. 

Mobility management is another part of a corporation´s climate and environmental protection measures. Employees are sensitized towards environmental friendly mobility behavior during daily duty stroke and on business trips.
A lot of Solid´s employees, including CEOs, are using their bikes, public transport systems or built car pools on their way to work. The mobility management´s objectives are to decrease green house gas emissions, safe non-renewable resources and to increase employees´ healthy lifestyle.

Solid´s success is strongly connected to its´ employees’ wellbeing, commitment and performance. We encourage our employees to act responsible, contribute unique personality and know how and to be part of the company´s promising future. Key ingredients are an open communication culture throughout the company´s hierarchy, participation at the company´s main objectives, collective participation towards organizational development, personal freedom and individual job design, fairness, equality and respect as well as individual continuing education. Due to our personal conviction and furthermore Solid´s international activities employees´ as well as customers´ varying cultures are warmly welcomed and are part of our exciting daily business routines.
Appreciation and loyal behavior are also company´s member´s core values. Employees´ well being is connected to flexible working conditions, combining work and family plans. Family members can design flexible working schedules, respecting personal requirements. Solid is aware that an employee´s family wellbeing affects the individual job performance.

Employees are aware that their personal behavior at work as well as at home contributes to sustainable developments as well.
Within Solid, every single employee counts. Religion, handicaps, personal partnerships or kids are part of individual conditions which do not and under no circumstances influence working evaluations. Solid welcomes varying cultural backgrounds, differing working and lifestyles as they enrich a company´s performance. E.g., based on this attitude, the company won a highly ranked integration award.

Workplace Safety
Solid fulfills safety and environmental protection requirements within every single activity. To guarantee a role model performance, all national as well as international requirements are at least fulfilled. A job safety officer registers new developments, supervises activities and guarantees undisturbed, most efficient progress of work.

Customer Partnerships
Solid values all customers, intends partnerships and welcomes long term relations. We are successful if our products support our customers´ performance and objectives. It is our objective, by providing highest quality products, worldwide fast services, loyalty and high reliability to exceed our partners´ expectations.



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