On the basis of numerous successful realized projects worldwide as well as the development of many research projects, SOLID gained a lot of experience in the field of large scale solar thermal energy systems (LSTS) over decades. Henceforth we want to share our knowledge by offering customized consulting services in many fields of
solar thermal energy:


Know-how about solar design and operation in particularProject development

  • Design and Engineering
  • Construction supervison
  • Monitoring Service:
    (e.g. Analysis of operation of LSS and Optimization, Support at technical incidences)
  • Performance data of own systems
  • Control Engineering
  • Algorithms

LSTS: State of the art technology and potentials

  • Solar heating
  • Solar cooling
  • Solar process heat
  • Solar district heating
    (e.g.Integration of solar energy in existing fossile and partly fossile DH grids – opportunities and chanllenges, trategies for implamentation and business models)
  • Integration of heat pump
  • Energy efficiency (utilization of waste heat, …)
  • Waste heat recovery


  • Individual financing strategy / model
  • ESCO model – awareness raising and promotion of the system

Supply strategies; Market development strategies for heat and cold

  • Road Maps
  • Market trends and – developments

Target groups:

  • Pot. Clients (Industry, heat supplier, ..)
  • Partners
  • Solar companies
  • Developing- and Worlbank (Network)
  • Public institutions (Assoziations, Centers for business developments, stakeholders, …)
  • Consulting companies
  • NGOs
  • Funding institutions
  • Institutions of education
  • Universities
  • Other research centers

We offer:

  • Individual Consulting
  • Presentations: general, specific
    • From awareness raising up to high specific level lectures
  • Trainings
  • Workshops
  • Studies and Analysis
  • SOLID plant visits